Mark 16:15 - And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

We believe it is our purpose to spread the good news locally in our own mission field and to extend our reach by supporting missionaries all over the world.

Dominican Republic - Nelson & Rennae Defreitas  (Troy, Alexander, Nicolas, Marcus) www.defreitasfamily.org

Zambia - Amy Singleton www.reachzambia.org

Thailand - Wayne, Tammy, & Rebecca Brown www.thevitalmessage.org

Slovenia - Dan & Abigail Blair (Aidan, Jocelyn) http://hope4slovenia.com/

 Belgium - Tom & Phyllis Benigas www.reachingeuropeag.com

France - Chris & Donnette Brock https://www.mtw.org/missionaries/details/chris-and-donnette-brock

Compassionlink, International Ministries - Monica Jarvis www.kingsgardenchildrenshome.org

Thailand - Rebecca Johns beccajohns.wordpress.com

 Czech Republic - Peter & Jana Kozic  kozicmissionaries.org

Palau - Nick & Marilyn Krake (Abigail & Joshua) www.iheartpalau.com

Canary Islands - Greg & Nikkita Lewn  www.gregnkita.com

Netherlands - John & Joy Sisk http://s1.ag.org/sisk

 Dominican Republic - Samuel & Irene Serrano  Samuel.Serrano@agmd.org

Belgium - Robert & Raquel Suarez (Sanoske) www.robertandraquel.com  

Austria - David Wentling  david.wentling@agmd.org

 Cuba - Damien & Mirla Zinicola  damien.zinicola@agmd.org

 India – Kenneth Blair

 Network 211 – Bruce Paige https://network211.com/

Ocala National Forest – David Houck http://www.sozokids.org/about.html

In House Missionaries:

Ecuador – Rob Thompson

Haiti - John & Davina Young


Featured Ministry

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